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About Us


We are not another e-commerce company with same mode of business plan. SHOPPE AND SOUK PRIVATE LIMITED We With our new innovative idea every person can learn earn and grow with us. Our mission is to provide a platform to the people through which they can initiate their own e-commerce business in which their hard work will exponentially grow their business rather than some other big giants.


We are a team of people of innovative ideas and planning working with passion to fulfill the need and desire  of people. With our trained and qualified management team constantly working towards the improvement and innovation. The company is led by accomplished management with extensive e-commerce and related industries experience. The company follows a performance driven work culture full of freedom and fun.  


  • Anyone who can think creatively and innovatively, we are NOT looking for people who can only work protocol on the internet.
  • Willing to put in immense endeavor in keeping shoppe and souk in its rightful place at the top of the pile.
  • Have very high standards for themselves and work enthusiastically to achieve them
  • Persevere and persist in problem solving and don’t have the word “quit” in their dictionary
  • Are passionate and driven by purpose to achieve great things in life
  • Are intelligent yet humble, and know how to be a team player.
  • Are fun to hang out with, both at a party as well as at a midnight hack-a-thon.
  • Don’t have all the answers, but sure know how to find them.
  • Consider going the extra mile, a norm.


  • One Team- We work as one team that wants to achieve more and learn more.
  • Focused- We stay focused and have Out-of the Box- Thinking. Try to give our best by pushing ourselves to our limits.
  • Accessible-We believe in staying connected and welcome new ideas, thoughts, feedbacks, questions.
  • Grow Ahead- We believe in long term returns, no matter how much we have achieved, there is still more to learn and grow. Think ahead, there are no shortcuts.

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